About Us


Transcript Divas Limited is a London based, UK registered Limited Liability Company (HMRC details: 8785529) . Transcript Divas carries all the necessary insurance and is covered by Hiscox for EU wide claims upto £500,000 (Insurance Certificate).

Why Us?

Transcript Divas believe in being on time. Transcript Divas are the only Transcription Service to stand by quoted time-lines and offer a 200% time-line guarantee for not achieving them.

Transcript Divas believe in providing accurate transcription. Transcript Divas are the only Transcription Service to stand by their commitment to accuracy and offer a 200% accuracy guarantee on all transcripts completed.

Our Story.

Andrew Dodson – Founder: Hello my name is Andrew Dodson and I am the founder of Transcript Divas. After 6 years working as a researcher in Public, Private and Charity Sector Research I founded Transcript Divas.

Andrew Dodson – Founder

As a Qualitative Researcher I worked with many different Transcription Services. Over these six years I literally got transcribed hundreds of hours of interviews and discussions that were carried out over the various research projects I managed. I always found that Transcript Services could only offer at best a 24 hour turnaround, and no service ever offered any sort of guarantee that a transcript would actually turn up on time, or that it would be accurate. I felt in each project that I was just handing over my recordings and left to just hope for the best. After a few let downs – at critical moments – I went out and found my own typists. I sifted out the gold and formed a team that I could rely on. A team for me. After a while I started lending this team out to work mates and associates – then their workmates and their associates, the processes become more slick, the team grew, and then suddenly we had a small Kingdom, a Divadom!

“Working with a trusted team of handpicked Divas – we have set out to develop a solid system that simply provides exceptional Transcription Services. We provide Transcription Services that are fast, low priced, dependable ( and a little bit fun ). Welcome to the Divadom”. – Andrew Dodson (Transcript Divas Founder)

Since these small beginnings the Diva footprint has slowly grown. Divas now have 3 Diva teams that are based on both sides of the Atlantic – we have one in New York, one in Toronto and of course this transcription team operating in the UK. Wherever you are you are never too far from the Divadom.