Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription Services by Transcript Divas. UK based transcription by English as a first language UK transcribers. London based Project Management team. Our Standard Interview rate is 80p/recorded minute. The best rate in the UK.

To place an order simply fill in the order form (it will auto-calculate your estimated total) and upload the files: ORDER A TRANSCRIPT HERE. Your project manager will check the order and send you back a confirmation email. Easy.

audio transcriptionAudio Transcription Security

Transcript Divas offer the highest level of file security in the UK. We know security is a key factor for clients (see: Transcription Service Security: A Key Factor) so we have invested in our system and processes to ensure our audio transcription services offer the best level of security in the UK.

Audio Transcription Rates

Transcript Divas rates are calculated upfront – no more emailing for quotes, or getting the lengthy sales pitch from your transcription service. Simply fill in the order form and based on this information the form will calculate the total cost of the project BEFORE you send it to us.  Make an order here: Order Form, or email yourself a quote here: Quote Form. Or if you want more detail simply call the office, your project manager will answer the phone. An experienced ex -transcriptionist that can answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process if need be.

Audio Transcription Fast & Easy. Hassle free.

We try and make the whole transcription process as hassle and stress free as possible. You can can get an online quote or make an order by uploading  audio files to our website or sending us links to your files stored somewhere else. If you have any trouble the office line goes directly to your project manager, an ex-transcriptionist with years of experience in the field. As long as you place an order using your organisations email address we will simply email your invoice once we complete the project. No other audio transcription service is simplier.