Transcript Divas guarantee to meet deadlines for transcript delivery and guarantee to achieve 98% accuracy on clear recordings.

If Transcript Divas does not meet the agreed deadline or accuracy rate we will not only provide you with a full refund for the transcripts – but also provide a credit for the equivalent time and service.

This is our 200% better than just a “money back” guarantee.

Why not 100% accuracy?
Some words are so similar that it is impossible sometimes to tell e.g. “is good” vs. “it’s good”. Therefore there has to be some leeway. 98% accuracy is the established industry standard.

Why only clear recordings?
Even in studio environments, speakers can mumble, or turn their head away from the microphone when talking, or speakers can get excited about a topic and start talking at the same time. Clear recordings are absolutely essential to achieving an accurate transcript.

Does this include transcripts intended for discourse analysis?
No. Discourse analysis requires accurate transcription notation of non-words e.g. recording of pauses.