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Just fill in your project details and the TOTAL PROJECT COST will be calculated. Tax included, no “hidden” or “extra” charges. No surprises. A 200% guarantee on the accuracy and meeting the deadline is included with all clearly recorded orders . Email the quote to yourself to lock in the rates (jump to: actual transcript order form).


  • A rough estimate is fine. Our invoices are based on the actual minutes and seconds of recording we transcribe. If there is a large difference between your estimate and the actual length we will contact you.
  • When would you like your word doc transcripts emailed to you by?
  • Poor quality recordings need more resources to create good quality transcripts.
  • Timecodes are inserted (starting at 00:00:00) each time the speaker changes (or every 60 seconds if one person is speaking).
  • "Intelligent Verbatim": Most widely used, concise, more like a written English. "Strict Verbatim": Usually only used for certain types of research, reflects more spoken English - includes ums, ers, repetition etc.
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