Academic Transcription Grant.

You’re eligible to apply for free Transcription.
Free for up to £500 of transcription services.

Trust and client success are always top of mind for us at Transcript Divas. And now, more than ever, we’re committed to helping Academics quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving challenges of running research projects in this environment.

That’s why Transcript Divas, is extending an invitation for you to apply to our Academic Transcription Grant. You will have full access to the world’s #1 Academic Transcription Service — including £500 worth of services for free. Our Academic Transcription Service Grant includes:

  • Free transcription for up to £500 of services.
  • A free tailored implementation and support bundle to get your transcription project up and running – the way you actually need it.
  • Client Support hours with Transcript Divas experts who can help you plan, design, and build your transcription roadmap.

Together, we are facing new and unprecedented research challenges. We are focused on deepening our connection with customers. We are learning to empower our clients to be productive wherever they are. We are continuing to innovate by finding new ways to embrace digital ways of working.

We believe we can help you build the research resilience needed to succeed. Start your Transcript Divas journey, today. For free.