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Auto-calculate a quote: Use this quote form to auto-calculate your total project cost upfront, then email the quote to yourself to lock in rates for 30 days. No hidden or extra charges and no surprises. A 200% guarantee on the accuracy and meeting the deadline is included with all clearly recorded orders.

  • Please estimate to the nearest minute. We will invoice based on the actual minutes & seconds of recording we transcribe. If there is a large difference between your estimated length and the real length, we will contact you.
  • Poor quality recordings will need more resources to help create a better quality transcript. This is why the rates are higher.
  • Time codes are inserted at the start of each response (interviews), or every 30 seconds (monologues or groups).
  • Closed Subtitles / Captions (you can turn on & off - most common) Open Subtitles / Captions (burnt in permanent)
  • Standard "intelligent" Verbatim: concise, more like a written English.
    Strict Verbatim: reflects more spoken English - includes ums, ers, repetition etc. (mostly used only in certain types of research).
  • Essential for quote to be valid.
  • Essential for quote to be valid.
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