How to choose a Transcription Service

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How to get more from your Transcription Service

So there you are with 12 hours of interviewing recorded on a newly brought dicta-phone, it is 7pm Friday – having just finished your last phone interview you are trying to get a transcription service to take on a very large project at very short notice.

Looking for a transcript agency you find out rather quickly that most of the agencies don’t like to be contacted on the telephone and follow stringent unflexible processes, and less will accept work over the weekend. You also find the prices they employ can be a bit – well over the top, and most of the work will be carried out offshore – making all confidentially arrangements conveniently avoided by being outside of Australia law. Our six point checklist is battle proven to avoid  most of the hassles you are going to encounter when trying to the best transcription service you can.

Six point transcription service checklist?

  1. When do you carry out work?
  2. What confidentiality systems do you have in place?
  3. How can I get my audio to you? What happens if I have tapes?
  4. How often are you late on the agreed deadline?
  5. How do you ensure accuracy of the transcript?
  6. How can I pay?