How to record interviews & groups

Transcript Divas

Although Transcript Divas Transcription Services Sydney take our transcription quality very very very seriously, we often receive recordings that contain instances where the quality of the recording is so poor that the voices of those speaking are indistinguishable. Being ex-market researchers we know what its like to be on the receiving end of an inaccurate transcript under a tight deadline so here is our advice.

The Divas Advice on How To Record.

A transcript is reliant on the quality of the recording. Most commonly a poor recording results from people talking over the top of one another (over speaking), the microphone being placed away from the action (faint voices), or background noise drowning out speakers (masking).

So here are the DIVAS top 3 tips to a good recording

  1. Keep background noise down. Microphones are excellent at picking up background noise. Close all doors, keep side conversations under control. Make sure only one person speaks at the same time {setting ground rules, and reminding people of them is a good rule of thumb). Point microphone away from potential sources of noise and towards the speakers.
  2. Speak clearly, and place the microphone where it is likely to pick up all the people who will talk. Speak clearly and slowly. It often helps to place the microphone an equal distance from everyone who is ‘likely’ to speak.
  3. Use good equipment Using a Dictaphone with an inbuilt microphone or recording using non-digital equipment is likely to result in lost speech. Give Diva HQ a call to discuss options or check out our guide on transcription recording equipment.