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The Social Research Unit at Cambridge University  points out the transcription of interviews is a difficult business to get right.

Even transcripts by the Times seem to get it wrong. Here is an excerpt from a transcription of an interview with Bill Gates, where a passage has been missed by the transcription company employed to transcribe the interview.

The interviewer has had to add a comment to the work noting that some of the interview has not been captured.

Bill Gates

“Starting in 1985, there was a list of companies that people would talk about. [Correction to transcript – there was a comment about Ashton Tate in here]. Word Perfect was so good. 1990 would have been different…”

A recent review and analysis by a leading academic journal about the use of interview transcriptions and the process of creating a transcription concluded that there seemed to be a general consensus about Transcribing interviews, and that was that transcription was a chore!


“Research concludes Transcription is a chore.”

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