Transcription for Olympus Audio Recorders

Transcript Divas is a registered provider of transcription services for  Olympus Transcription recorders. We have a number of specialist electronic software for the Olympus DSS audio format and are experts in getting the best transcription out of these types of recordings.

What is the Olympus DSS audio format?

DSS audio format is a specialist audio recording format developed by Phillips and Olympus specifically for recording speech.

Normal music and audio players cannot decode the format which requires a specific Olympus DSS player.

Olympus Recording – Issues?

If you are having problems downloading the recording from your Olympus player, please do not hesitate to send it into us.

We have qualified sound technicians with all the gear and know how to safely and quickly extract the recording from the player for transcription.

Simply post or courier your digital record over to us and we will download the recording from it and send the machine back to you before you can say Jack Rabbit Slim.