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Transcript Divas Transcription Services Australia are dedicated to keeping your information secure and confidential.

All of Transcript Divas employees from the Directors to the cleaners sign confidentially agreements [we are always happy to sign clients confidentiality agreements if required].

To protect against unauthorized access, your information is encrypted on transport AND in storage residing behind a secure firewall.

The Diva website employs  sophisticated encryption and virus-detection software to protect your information.

We currently exceed file transportation and storage guidelines set by both the UKand the US government.

Some of the security measures we take …..

  1. All transcript diva employees from the Directors to the cleaners sign the transcript divas standard  privacy and confidentially agreement  [we are happy to sign clients privacy and confidentially agreements as well]  A copy of our agreement can be viewed here:
    Transcription Confidentially Agreement
  2. All our information, including upload and download of electronic files is stored and transported in an encrypted secure format. See here for an example of our file transfer process: Example Secure File Transfer
  3. All paper copies are shredded and destroyed after use.
  4. All electronic copies are deleted 7 days after project completion.