Transcription Jobs – Medical/Legal/Video

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Is a Transcription Job for you?

Are looking for Transcription Jobs?
Maybe a Medical Transcription Job or a Video Transcription Job?

Maybe you just like to walk around in your dressing gown, make outlandish cups of coffee and dance to Elton John, and maybe just happen to be a great transcriptionist. 

Either way, Transcript Divas can offer a great opportunity in our home-based transcription team.
You will be able to work from home, in the hours you wish.

The Diva team comes from all angles and walks of life – but they do share a set of common values.  A love for life,  a drive to deliver on time, and we like to get things right.

In addition, all our Divas realise that over delivering to a client – secures the ‘diva-dom’ for everyone. They understand the business.


Basic requirements to apply for a Transcription Job.

You will need to have had good experience in transcribing some or all the following:

  • You are available to work for at least 5hrs a week.
  • You have a good range of experience as a transcriptionist.
  • You are a native English speaker.
  • You currently live in Australia, with a current Australian Business Number (ABN).

Job Application Process

Please fill in and send the application form below. Please include a CV, it will increase your chances. If you are approved by Human Resources, we will be in contact for a phone interview.