Transcription Rate Review 2016

What was the review process for the transcription services?

In February 2016, using Google, Transcript Divas searched for the top ten transcription services in the USA. We then emailed the top ten to request a quote on their transcription rates for a four hour, clearly recorded, one to one interview.

Confidentiality Concerns: We have seen that privacy and confidentiality is a rising concern with our clients. Particularly the fact that work completed outside the USA is not subject to privacy or confidentiality legislation making privacy processes null and void.  We asked if each Transcription Service would be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement noting that the material will be destroyed and all work will be completed within the United States. 

Transcript Divas Top the Results: Out of the ten Transcription Service we contacted eight replied. This is slightly better than the 2015 service review of seven replies out of ten. Most replied with a few hours – which was satisfying.

After analyzing the replies we were surprised to find that Transcript Divas USA came out on top. The Divas had one of the lowest transcription rates and were the only service to offer a 200% guarantee on both time lines and accuracy.