Competitor Rate Review 2018


In May 2018, using Google, Transcript Divas searched for the top 10 transcription services in the UK, to conduct a rate review, 6 replied.

The purpose of the rate review was to establish the transcription rates on a per minute of recording basis for clearly recorded one to one interviews.

After analysing the services, we were surprised to find that Transcript Divas UK came out on top. The Divas had one of the lowest transcription rates in the UK, and were the only service to offer a 200% guarantee on both time lines and accuracy.

With higher-tier transcription services such as Transcript Divas a trained transcriptionist completes the work on your file. Our service is highly accurate, as indicated by the 200% guarantee offered by no other service. We operate under strict NDA policies to protect your privacy at all times.

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