Transcription Services

Transcription Services


We have a simple online ordering form for the transcription services that will calculate the total price before you need to commit to placing an order (see: Transcription Order Form).

2. Send recordings

We currently have 3 ways to send us your recording – upload, send a link (website or Dropbox/Wetransfer etc.), or courier a hard copy (e.g. USB memory stick, external drive etc.).

Upload – Uploading via the website is the easiest option. Simply select the upload option step 9 of the order form, and select all the files you want to send to us. The “red X” appears next to each file once it has uploaded to the site. If a file is larger than 1GB, you might want to send us a link via dropbox.

Link to recordings – If you already have your files online, then just send us a link. If your files are large or your connection slow or not very stable we recommend using Dropbox (with the DropBox app.).

Courier Hardcopy – Courier your memory stick or external drive through to our technical team. Please call the office BEFORE you send it through to us. This method may take up to three more days to process than other methods.

3. transcript delivery & Client review – check the transcripts before you pay.

The transcript project will be emailed back to you as a Microsoft word .doc (via the email you provided on the order form). We encourage each client to check the completed transcripts to ensure they are completely happy with the service before they process payment to us. Remember – we are here to help.

4. payment  – no risk. Business & University friendly.

After you have had a chance to review our work we will email you an invoice. We are used to quickly aligning ourselves painlessly to many business and university payment processes. If your business or Institute requires more than our 14-day payment terms or requires service provider registration etc. simply send through the details to our accounts team and we will sort out any paperwork asap (email: If you need help with the process just reach out to us. Here to help.

Transcription Services Online

Online Credit Card & PayPal: Payment can be made online using either PayPal or a major credit card (although we use PayPal to process cards, you do not need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card). A link to the PayPal portal will be on your invoice pdf we will email to you upon the project being sent back to you.

Bank to Bank Transfer: Our bank to bank transfer information for our HSBC account is included on our invoices (email: We also accept checks, though we do prefer the faster and more traceable options listed above. We do not accept cash. If you order using a generic email address(e.g. Gmail, Yahoo etc.) not linked to a business or organisation, we will invoice you and will need an online payment made before we return the project.