The Best Academic Transcription Service

Looking for the Best Academic Transcription Service provider? Transcript Divas Academic Transcription Services are trusted by the top universities in the world. When attending a lecture or conducting an interview you need to pay full attention but it can be hard to listen and write all at the same time. Hence recording a verbal interaction and having it transcribed seems like the best approach.

Best Academic Transcription Service

Transcript Divas is one of the Best Academic Transcription Service providers because ;

  1. our Transcriptionists are experienced in providing transcription services for a range of academic needs;
  2. we meet your confidentiality requirements;
  3. Divas Transcriptionists are fast and accurate;
  4. quotes are quick and easy;
  5. pricing is competitive;
  6. the work we produce is guaranteed;
  7. furthermore, we offer academic discounts;

Experienced Transcribers

Our team at Transcript Divas are experienced and skilled transcribers. This allows us to transcribe and organize your evidence from various sources into one document. Research comes in many different forms audio, video, newspaper, and books. We’ll organize all of your ideas into one document.

GDPR Security and GDPR Confidentiality

Notably, we will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to satisfy your requirements. We then work with you to receive your audio file in a method that is suitable to you. Uploading directly to our secure website is the most preferred option along with sharing links to a drop box. The Transcription Confidentiality Agreement aligns with most Ethics Approval requirements and the GDPR. 

Fast and Accurate

Transcript Divas are the Best Academic Transcription Service providers because we allow you to pick a turn around time that suits you. At Divas we are serious about on-time delivery with a 200% time-line guarantee. If we are not exactly on time with your transcript, it will be free. We will also provide you with a credit for the same amount – a 200% on-time guarantee.

Quick and easy quotes

Our quote process is online and automated. Use the online form to calculate the cost of your project. Tax is included so consequently there are no hidden or extra charges ensuring no surprises. 

Competitive pricing

Pricing is clear and up front. It is dependant on turn around time (longer turnaround time means cheaper price) and difficulty (recording quality and number of people in the recording). Transcript Divas base rate is $1.29 per recorded minute for a 7 day turn around.

Top results 200% guarantee on quality. 

We believe in providing an accurate transcript. Our team can handle any discipline such as medicine, the life sciences, physical sciences and engineering, economics and business, arts, and social sciences. If you provide a clear recording, we uniquely promise, you will receive a “Courtroom” level, accurate transcript. If not, there will be no charge for receiving it and we will also provide a free credit for the same amount. We stand by our commitment to accuracy to this degree we offer a 200% accuracy guarantee. 

Academic Transcription Service Discount

The Academic Transcription Service Discount, in particular, makes Transcript Divas one of the Best Academic Transcription Service providers. We have the lowest UK produced academic transcription rates at 0.80p/rec min. To qualify for the Academic discounted rate, your transcription order needs to be; 

  • longer than 4 hours of recording (240mins/6hours);
  • required in no less than 14 business days;
  • ordered using a university academic email address (no Gmail or Yahoo etc)

In conclusion, never miss anything from a verbal interaction such as lectures or interviews again. Simply record and send to us and we will transcribe into text for easy reviewing. Using a Transcript Divas Transcriptionists, therefore, allows you to devote more time and energy to the research and writing aspect of your work. You can avoid the inevitable delays and potential errors of self-transcription. Transcript Divas will provide you with top-notch transcriptions without the hassle.