“The reason Divas exists: my search for stress-free transcription services.”

Andrew Dodson, Founder & Director

“As a Health Care Market Researcher I was constantly juggling projects – a deadline always looming. Transcription services just added to the stress; I worried if the transcript was going to come back on time, or if it would come back at all. This is the reason Divas exists: stress-free transcription services.”

Market research transcription

From our “30 seconds to complete” forms to our industry first “200% Guarantee” on delivery times and accuracy, we are here to help you deliver on time, accurate insights. Plus, we offer the lowest Transcription rates in New York.


Stress-free qualitative transcripts

  • Forget worrying if transcripts will come back on time
  • Forget worrying if the quotes are accurate and your files secure
  • Forget getting caught up in messy admin, logins and online prepayments
  • Spend time on delivering insights, not chasing a non-US based transcription service

Accuracy guarantee

  • US-based English as a first language typists – accurate colloquialism, slang and US culturally specific language.
  • 200% Guarantee on transcripts being better than the US court transcript standard.

Secure and confidential

  • Online signed confidential / non disclosure agreements
  • HIPPA compliant file upload and storage solutions
  • Encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Subject to US privacy law. US based team. Delaware Incorporated Company.


Transcript Divas will help you hit your deadline. We’re on time, accurate, and on your team. Talk directly with your personal New York based project manager today.