Transcriptionist Application Form

Yes. As strange as it might seem these days, we do want to talk with you before we send you a project. We like to get to know who is joining our team.
We like to see the depth of experience you are bringing. Provide as much information as you can so we can assess your suitability.
Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 5 GB.
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Please provide contact details of employers or clients who could verify your work experience and work quality. If you progress, we will call your references.

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Please paste links to any places you advertise your services (websites, noticeboards etc.) or links to sites you commonly find transcription clients/projects. This helps us determine your level of experience as a contractor.
How many hours of recording a week can you roughly commit to transcribing?*
Base this on clear, one-to-one recordings with no tricky add-ons or extra time requirements. NOTE: To avoid confusion, this is the length of the audio recording NOT the time you take to type it. For example, a 3-hour recording might take 9 hours to transcribe, depending on your speed, experience and the quality of the audio.

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