Our Confidentiality Agreement

What is a Confidentiality Agreement?

A Confidentiality Agreement refers to an agreement about how to share sensitive information safely. Such agreements ensure that the person or organisation given access to sensitive information does not disclose it to a third party.
In transcription, this means we do not share your recordings on the Cloud, transfer them onto AI-driven automated speech-to-text software, or store them offshore for work by team members outside the UK.


We have chosen to use this agreement to maximise transparency and to facilitate trust in our security and confidentiality processes. It is a United Kingdom-relevant contract, developed by a neutral authoritative party, that is, the UK Government (not a lawyer employed by us trying to protect our position). Our agreement is based on the UK Government’s standard NDA operating agreement see: HERE

Can WE sign YOUR Confidentiality Agreement?

No problem. We are happy to review and sign your own agreements. Simply send it to projects@transcriptdivas.co.uk and we will sign it and get it back to you ASAP.

Duration – The NDA is valid indefinitely

Our confidentiality agreement covers you indefinitely, for all your transcription projects with us (you don’t need to fill one in every time you make an order).
We commit to indefinitely protecting your data from the time you email it to us.

How to activate the agreement

  • Download the PDF – click the big DOWNLOAD AGREEMENT button below.
  • Fill in your details. Open the PDF on your desktop. Fill in the parts marked in yellow, using your PDF reader ‘add text’ function. Save.
  • Upload the finished document with your order – on the order form.
  • Done.
  • NOTE: The agreement is not in place if the agreement does not accompany the order, or is emailed to us before the data is provided. It is not possible to create an agreement after the order has been confirmed.