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Rough estimates are fine. Our final invoice will detail the exact length in minutes and seconds that we transcribe.
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Transcript Format

Intelligent Verbatim: Concise and clear. Similar to written English. Used in courts and most research. This is our most common format.
Strict Verbatim: Reflects spoken English and includes ums, ers, repetition, active listening and the like. It is used only in certain types of research.

The more people that are taking part in the audio recording, the longer a project will take to transcribe. A higher rate will be applied for more than two speakers.
Poor quality recordings require more time for the transcriptionist to produce a quality transcript, hence the higher rates. Some passages may remain undecipherable despite our best efforts. These will be timestamped so you can easily review them.
For a variety of reasons, speakers can be hard to understand. Strong regional accents, English as a second language, or simply just speaking fast can mean the typist has to slow the audio down, and replay passages to decipher what is being said. The rate that we charge you must reflect this additional time.
We use the format hours, minutes, seconds [01:23:15]. Our standard format is to insert timestamps at the start of each response (interviews) or every 60 seconds (monologues or groups). If you have a different requirement, you can upload your own template for us to review.
It is very helpful to our team if frequently used or unusual names, terms or other references are noted here. This will help us to produce for you the most accurate transcript we possibly can.


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