Academic Transcription Services.

Transcript Divas Academic Transcription Services are registered transcription suppliers for most universities in the UK.

Trusted. Reliable. UK-based team.

How much does a transcription service cost?

£1.00p/min. is our standard academic rate. These rates represent the lowest academic transcription rates for transcripts created in the UK by human typists (and not AI). We review UK transcription services several times a year, and since 2012 we have continued to come out on top.
Every year, without fail, our rates have been the best.

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How does our Academic Transcription Service differ to AI?

You have conducted interviews and focus groups, gathered great data, and now you need a service to type out those recordings affordably and accurately.
You are looking for an Academic Transcription Service you can trust.

Local and human
Our team are all UK residents. We are familiar with regional UK accents, place names, colloquialisms and jargon. If we are unsure of spelling, we research it; if speech is unclear, we review and relisten.
Unlike AI, we will not fill your transcript with guesses. If we still can’t be sure of what is being said, we’ll flag the relevant portion and timestamp it for you to review.
We timestamp a spelling query, such as [Mr Sinorcose? 00:23:05] and note an unclear portion [unintelligible 00:46:15]. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

Accuracy, not guesses
Your transcript will reflect what someone actually said, not what an algorithm determines is the most likely match. Again, if we are unsure or the words spoken are unclear, we will flag this in the transcript. You will not receive transcripts containing similar-sounding words that are close to, but not the actual words spoken.

Transcript Divas are the preferred providers for Academic Transcription Services to some of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. We transcribe projects for both faculty and students from the University of Cambridge, the University of OxfordUniversity College London and Imperial College London, to name a few.

Academic Transcription Features

Tailored to you
Upload a custom template, indicate your specific preferences and we will assign your personal project manager; someone you may call or email directly.
We will guide your project through the entire process.

Approved University UK-GDPR Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy and process (see: HERE) will pass your university data security policies for research data, as well as passing the strict requirements of the UK-GDPR. Data uploads and storage are encrypted on our AWS servers in London, and our team is entirely UK-based.

Approved University Confidentiality Agreements
When you send any data, your university will require you to have a confidentiality agreement signed with any transcription service provider.
Our agreement (see: HERE) is based on extensive experience working within academia, and it aligns with most Ethics Approval requirements and the GDPR. Simply sign and include it with your order (SEE: Academic Order Form).
If your department has other requirements, we can review and sign their confidentiality agreement, nearly always within 24 hours.

University-friendly payment
We have vast experience in dealing with UK university-based finance teams, grant processes and purchase order (PO) processes. We will send you an invoice after your projects are completed, not before, so there is no upfront payment.
Knowing we have years of experience, and have dealt with and invoiced many different university departments, hundreds of times, can give you the peace of mind to know the process will be smoother than a quantum atom mirror.

Quick Quote system for grants and proposals
Our Quick Quote online system allows you to quickly generate quotes for research proposals and grants transcriptions.
No, you don’t have to call us or make time for an appointment. Simply fill in your project details, generate the total cost and email the quote to yourself. It’s that simple.
If you need more than 30 days please touch base with Gemma, your Project Manager, to extend the time frame.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we are experts at this. Gemma, our London-based Project Manager, can walk you through the options.
We are on your team. Get in touch.

We are trusted, reliable and UK-based.
On top of that, we offer our 14-day 200% guarantee on both timelines and accuracy.

No other transcription service in the United Kingdom stands behind their services like we do.

At the cutting edge? So are we

Specialised UK Academic Transcription Services that are UK-GDPR compliant and priced to fit your budget.
The base rate for standard, clear interviews is £1.00p/rec. min.