How to order a Transcript

Hi, Gemma here – Project Manager at Transcript Divas. I’m just going to walk you through a short video on how to use our online order forms. So head over to our website – At the top, on the right, you’ll see the order tab. Just hit through here and this will bring you to our different order forms, depending on your transcription needs. Now, they’re all the same format, there’s just a few additional questions here and there. So we are just going to have a look at the general order form.

Firstly, we will ask you, “How long is your project?” So your estimated total recorded minutes. This doesn’t need to be spot on. When your project is assigned to a typist, they will confirm the exact number of minutes and seconds. Next up is your turnaround time. So how quickly you need these transcripts back in your inbox. Seven business days right through to the very same day. You can just let us know your selection here on the left-hand side. 

Your transcript format. So intelligent verbatim or do you require strict verbatim? You just use the little arrow on the right, just to bring down the drop-box, and let us know. Strict verbatim – you will see has an additional surcharge of 40p per minute. Now, we’re going to move through several other boxes where you’ll notice there are surcharges, such as if it’s a group recording, the transcript quality, audio quality. Are there any English as a second language speakers, timestamps. There are surcharges for these options, and that is purely because this project will then take a lot longer for the typist to type up. They will need to slow down parts of the audio to make sure they’re capturing everything, and it just takes a lot longer to complete the project.

So we’re going to stick with intelligent verbatim for this one. Then we move down to, are there more than two people talking? Again, you just drop down, let us know if there are or if there are not. Are the recordings difficult to hear? So are they broadcast quality? Are there some faint parts? Is there some background noise? Are there some very faint parts and is there often background noise? Have you recorded this outside? Are you in a busy café or a restaurant with lots of background noise going on?

Next up is English as a second language speakers or accents, speech difficulty. Again, drop down here, let us know. Translation – does the project require translation into English? Let us know here. Timestamps – do you require timestamps, and if so, do you require them from running time or do you require them from burnt-in time? Here, in additional information, please feel free to let us know anything else that you would like us to know about your transcript. So how you would like your speakers labelled, for example, Speaker 1 or Interviewer, Interviewee, Respondent. You can also let us know if you, say, want your transcripts starting from – start typing from four minutes. Anything that you need us to know, basically, just let us know in there.

This will tell you your total cost and your total cost including VAT. How to send your recordings. So the easiest way is to upload them to our website. You’ll just select files here and then it will upload for you. You can also send us links to Dropbox or YouTube, and if needs be, you can also courier a hard copy to us. OK, it’s telling me here that my audio is uploaded. I’ve got the 100% here, so that’s great. Invoice details below. If you have used us previously – so it’s asking if you are a new or established client – if you have used us previously, just click “yes” and we’ll have all of your details on our database. You just need to let us know your email. If you are a new client, please complete all of the information requested, so how you’d like the name on the invoice, if you need a confidentiality agreement, your full address. And then that way we can enter that into our invoice system and make sure your invoice is exactly how you need it. 

So you just need to enter your – and then enter your email, tick terms and conditions and hit “submit”. That will come straight through to my inbox, and I can get your order processed.