Our 14-Day 200% Guarantee

We guarantee to meet the delivery timeline for your project. We also guarantee that your project will be 99% or more accurate (on clear recordings).

If at any time, up to 14 days after we return your project, you notice we did not meet these guarantees we will refund you double whatever you paid for the project. We will provide you with a full refund for the transcripts, and provide a credit for the equivalent time and service.

Other issues? If you have experienced issues or problems that fall outside the guarantee, send me a message on the form below noting the project codes or other details and I will look into it and sort something out for you.

Andrew Dodson (Founder/Director).

Why 200%?

We believe that we have designed our systems to meet both timeline and quality standards. Even in the event of accidental file deletion or corruption, power outages, typists falling ill, office fires, or any of a thousand other unforeseen possibilities, we are confident that we have measures in place to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Why 14 days?

We seek to empower our clients as much as possible and to develop open and trusting relationships. With this in mind, we provide a 14-day window, before making payment, for our clients to review the accuracy of their transcripts.*
*For obvious reasons, clients using generic email addresses (Gmail, yahoo etc.) need to pay before completion, but will still be covered by the guarantee.

Data Protection

We continuously back up project data, encrypt it and securely store the data as multiple copies via secure Internet connections in different locations. 
This process ensures that even if one site is down, damaged or compromised, other sites can step in and provide up-to-date copies. We delete completed projects from our system on a rolling basis.

The Diva Team

We employ both on-site and off-site staff, with a network of typists ready to be deployed on a project at a moment’s notice. Our project management technology allows Divas HQ to be in constant communication with the team, literally able to have typists working on your project within moments. The technology that allows us to quickly assign and deploy our people also gives us the ability to quickly bring under control any timeline or quality issues that arise. Be it a typist getting sick, a family crisis or technological failures, there is always a backup support group ready to ensure accurate on-time delivery of your project.

Feedback Form.

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