Closed Captioning Services. Fast & Reliable.

Transcript Divas subtitling and captioning services meet the captioning requirements of both UK business and UK production companies.

We realised that UK-based production companies and documentary makers, along with education providers, government agencies and private businesses, lack access to fair-priced, top-quality and fast subtitle and captioning services.

Transcript Divas is delighted to offer our services to meet this need.

Live captioning – Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Live captioning for platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet and the like has become an essential element in both business and education settings.

Why use OUR Subtitle and Captioning Services?

From documentaries to action movies, children’s television to reality TV, people depend on subtitles and captioning to understand and enjoy television.

Subtitle and captioning services (open and closed) benefit people aside from those with hearing impairments. People whose first language is not English and those in noisy spaces, such as airports and gyms, rely on top-quality subtitle and captioning services.

Both free-to-air and Pay TV follow government guidelines on the percentage of programs that must have captioning.  

Captions increase your media’s search engine traffic: without captions, search engines do not know what is in your video.

The difference between subtitles and captioning
  • Subtitles contain only speech information. They don’t include extra elements, such as music or sound effects, and they show no indication of who is speaking.
  • Closed captioning includes speech information, as well as text describing other sounds within the media, such as music or background noise. The text may be positioned to indicate who is speaking. Closed captions appear only when the user agent (e.g. a media player) supports them. Closed captioning places the responsibility on the user to understand how to turn captions on, through their television or software, and they need special decoder software to be available.
  • Open captioning has the same text information as closed captioning, however the user is not faced with having to understand how to use them. They are always on view and cannot be turned off. They are a burnt-in feature of the video stream itself.

Caption encoding ensures that you can still access your media’s subtitles and captions when you don’t have have a video platform, or should you want an offline option. Caption encoded videos also work across mobile devices. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram require the captions to be encoded into the video to be playable.

Top Quality, Fast Subtitle and Captioning Services
  • Transcript Divas stands out from the crowd. Our excellent resource pool and dedication to clients is proven by our strong client relationships.
  • We offer an up-to-date, inventive, cost-effective approach to subtitling and captioning. And our services meet latest industry standards.
  • Our output is high quality, ensuring seamless imports into DVDs, Blu-ray packages, digital cinema playback and pre-recorded television programmes.
  • We use the EBU industry file format which can be handled by most, if not all, importing systems. We cater for QuickTime, Real Media and Flash, along with Windows Media, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes.
  • We have the resources to meet global deadlines. Our caption writers are well trained specialists who meet the highest standards. We are meticulous in our research, ensuring precise spelling, grammar, punctuation, placement and readability.
  • We produce custom style guides for our recurring clients, so we can assure consistency from project to project.

Transcript Divas offers top-quality, fast subtitle and captioning services. We provide a 200% guarantee on all our services. Our experienced caption writers can meet your tight deadlines while maintaining meticulous standards, ensuring you a seamless end result.