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Three Benefits to working from home as a Transcript Diva!

Transcript Divas is one of the top 3 transcription companies in the UK. We provide services for video and film, academics, courts and market research.

Our vision is a great transcription service that not only to provides reliable, fast and affordable transcription services to our clients but also gives our transcriptionist team – the Divas – a fantastic job in transcription!

What will the job entail?

he process is simple. The client submits their recording file(s) to the Project Manager. The file is reviewed, then sent to you (the transcriber).

To enable you to transcriber the file it is recommended you have the following things:

  • stable, reliable internet connection;
  • a computer;
  • foot pedal and headset to free up your hands;
  • transcription software;
  • time tracking software;
  • file converter;
  • text expander;
  • dictionary;

Once you have transcribed the file – the word doc it is sent back to the client for review.

3 Benefits of being a Diva

1 – You can choose your own work hours.

With the flexibility of choosing your own work hours, Divas pick their own start and finish times and the amount of time they work. It is perfect for people with family or study commitments. You could even fit it around another casual job. You choose your own projects enabling you to capitalise on your down time and work from home as a Transcriptionist.

2- You can Work from home

If you would like to wear your dressing gown to work or simply want to reduce your commute and associated expenses with going into an office each day working from home as a Transcript Diva could be for you.  Working from home can contribute to a healthier you with a better work life balance, you can work from anywhere you choose in a less stressful environment with less distractions. Working from the comfort of your own home as a Transcript Diva will allow you to be more flexible with your life to enable you to fit in all of life’s other commitments.

3- Good Rates. We aim to beat the average hourly rate for medical transcriptionists

Transcript Divas typist rates go up and down depending on what we charge the clients. The more complicated and harder the transcript – the higher the rates.

The rates go up for faster processing, difficult audio, multiple speakers or video/timecode etc. In short, the quicker the turnaround the higher the rates.

If you can commit to transcribing at least fours hours a week of recording then being a Transcript Diva could be for you. Not only are we reliable and flexible but we also provide top rates to our valued Diva Team. You can choose when, where and what you work on, you have the final say on your work-life balance, while being part of an organisation that values its clients and its Divas. Apply for a Transcription Job.